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Sesame Personnel

Paul Goss: President

Paul has over 17 years of senior executive experience, including management of telecommunications network development, sales, marketing, and M&A activities. He most recently was SVP and Managing Director of the California business unit for GST Telecommunications. His $84 million division of the company was the only one to achieve positive EBITDA. In addition, he was SVP of Sales for GST and implemented programs which were responsible for increasing GST's 1999 revenues to over $320 Million. Previously, Paul ran sales for Brooks Fiber Pacific and Phoenix Communications. He also has held GM positions at GE Capital/Access America and Centex Telemangement.

James T. Geddis: Senior Vice President

Jim brings over 25 years of senior management experience to Sesame.  He served most recently as SVP of Global Light Telecommunications and President of Highpoint Carrier Services (a subsidiary of Global), where he developed an international broadband network.  Previously, Jim was Regional Vice President of GST Telecommunications and COO of Pacific Lightwave (a subsidiary of GST), where he designed and managed the construction and operation of a high-capacity fiberoptic network throughout California.  Jim also served in various management positions during his ten years with the Exxon Corporation, where he became Treasurer/Finance and Planning Manager for Esso Asia Services in Singapore. Jim holds an MBA in Finance and Manufacturing Control from Stanford University and a BS in Mathematics from the California Institute of Technology.

Stephen R. Schaefer: Senior Vice President

Steve has a unique background which spans both theoretical physics and the design and implementation of complex data networks.  He has a thorough knowledge of fiber optics, with a Ph.D. in Physics from Princeton University and over six years of practical research in the application of this technology to commercial devices.  Steve also brings a detailed understanding of data transmission, packet switching, telecommunications equipment, and Internet topology, which he gained through eight years of senior positions with GST Telecommunications and Rhythms NetConnections.  Steve's responsibilities have included systems engineering, technical specifications for network data equipment, product development and marketing of data services, and primary contact for key Internet accounts.  He brings an impressive combination of technical knowledge, marketing skills, and business analysis to Sesame.

Ron Grayson: Director of Business Analysis

Ron has wide experience in statistical analysis, econometrics, financial planning, and telecommunications costing models. In his former position as Manager of Traffic and Performance Analysis for Relera (an Internet Data Center operator), Ron was responsible for creating Monte Carlo and stochastic simulation models to predict network reliability and availability. As Manager of Operations Analysis for Winfire (a DSL provider), he constructed dynamic models of network circuit costs and capacity. Earlier, in his role as Senior Cost Analyst with GST Telecommunications, Ron was in charge of optimizing network expense for leased lines, broadband connectivity, and LEC billing. Ron holds a BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from Cornell University.

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