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Grand Canyon's Danger Months

The Weather Planner at no longer includes the table for the Grand Canyon's "Danger Months". I've captured this table from the Google cache before it is gone forever, because I think that it's good, important information.

I can only speculate about why they removed the table, but I suspect that they don't want to be seen as encouraging hiking in those months. Neither do I. Even in May, when we are hiking, the Inner Gorge can be hot. Note especially that the "High" temperature in the table is an average daily maximum. Not all days are average. About half of them are hotter, and it is especially important to be prepared with the proper water supply during the hike, the proper educational preparation before the hike, and the proper mental attitude during the hike. Do not charge ahead just because that's the way you envisioned it when you set out. You can always chill out at the river, creek, campground or other shade and wait out the heat. It may be dark when you get out, but heat exhaustion is dangerous, and heat stroke is deadly.

The Grand Canyon's DANGER Months
South Rim   North Rim   Inner Gorge
  Max Min Precip   Max Min Precip   Max Min Precip
May 70 39 0.66   62 34 1.17   92 63 0.36
June 81 47 0.42   73 40 0.86   101 72 0.30
July 84 54 1.81   77 46 1.93   106 78 0.84
August 82 53 2.25   75 45 2.85   103 75 1.40
September 76 47 1.56   69 39 1.99   97 69 0.97

Note: Red indicates a month in which the average maximum temperature is 90 deg F or greater. Hike with extreme caution. Green indicates average monthly precipitation of 2 inches or greater.

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