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With the rapid pace of change in today's marketplace, it is difficult to stay on top of telecommunications expense, data network costs, and vendor relationships. Sesame can bring experts to your location to review your facilities, evaluate your data requirements, and analyze your vendor relationships. Sesame then will develop a cost management program and specify identified cost savings and capacity improvements. The cost to our customers? Our revenue is based on a proportion of your savings. We don't get paid unless you benefit!

Sesame's core expertise is in telecommunications and data networking. The rapid pace of change in this industry has left most companies with outdated vendor relationships, cost confusion, and inefficient infrastructure. As you concentrate on your core competencies, Sesame will recommend ways to trim your costs while improving telecommunications services. We emphasize that our focus is on telecom and datacom infrastructure. We do not evaluate personnel or staffing levels as part of our recommendations. Since our revenue is directly tied to your savings, we work diligently to make sure that you have the most cost-effective telecommunications system to support your corporate requirements.


Sesame, Inc. is a Delaware corporation which is registered to conduct business in California. It was formed in August 2000 with the objective of providing technical services in the areas of data transmission, facilities network design, optimization of corporate telecommunications expense, and operating cost management. Sesame's expertise includes a thorough understanding of integrated hardware and software solutions for processing data and developing network infrastructure, and significant experience in evaluating the related costs and designing programs to optimize corporate telecommunications requirements and expenditures. Sesame is headquartered in San Diego, California.


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