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Blackboard Assessment Pool Question Generator

This script allows you to parameterize questions for Blackboard assessment pools. You initialize variable arrays in a way similar to TestGen EQ. Then you provide the question and answers in the format required by Blackboard Test/Survey Generator at Boise State University.

Your text may contain variables $x1, $x2, ... , $x9, $x0. The variables take the values that you specify in the first block. Within a group or a list, you specify the combinations. For example, if you want to use either "miles" and "mi" or "kilometers" and "km", you would put those variables in the same group or list, so that "miles" never goes with "km". Between groups or lists, all combinations are generated, so if you had another variable in another group taking the values 1, 2 and 3, then you'd get 1 mi, 1 km, 2 mi, 2 km, 3 mi and 3 km.

Carriage returns and commas are the delimiters. They can be contained in variable values as long as they are enclosed within double quotes. A double-quote character can be contained in a variable value as long as it is not the first character. (You should use " unless your double-quote is part of an HTML tag.) Leading (but not trailing) whitespace is suppressed in variable values (unless enclosed in double-quotes). As a result, you can enter a null value without using double quotes.

This preprocessor also recognizes <eq></eq>, <er></er>, <ed></ed>, and <frac><bar></frac> tags and converts them to table-formatted equations; <mi></mi> tags are recognized outside of block equations. (See HTML Equation Preprocessor syntax).

Randomize Answers?   Yes   No
Paramaterized Variables ($x1, $x2, $x3, $x4, $x5, $x6, $x7, $x8, $x9, $x0)

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