Section 2.6
Quiz 4.8
Question: An independent contractor is resurfacing a parking lot. He charges his customer $320 per day ($320/day) for asphalt cost. If the contractor actually uses 20 tons per day (ton/day), what price is he charging his customer for the asphalt (in units of $/ton)?
  Variations: A car traveling 50 miles per hour (mi/hr) has a fuel efficiency of 12.5 miles per gallon (mi/gal). How fast does it consume fuel (in units of gal/hr)?
    A company produces salt by evaporating sea water. The concentration of salt in sea water is 2.5 kg/m3. How much sea water do they need to evaporate (in units of m3/day) to produce salt at a rate of 2,000 kg/day?