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Some commentary and links:

  • Misperceptions, the Media and the Iraq War This is a serious study about miperceptions of Americans on the specific topic of Iraq, terrorism and U.S. involvement. But this study is not about Iraq and U.S. policy. The study is about how Americans receive and process news. Whether your political views tend toward the left or the right, you should take the time to consider how you personally categorize the news you receive as facts vs. opinions vs. hopes or fears vs. hyperbole or satire. Apparently we are not doing too well as a society.
  • Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11 by Dave Kopel. A critique of the accuracy of Michael Moore's film. I don't agree with the author's assessment that Michael Moore's film is so factually flawed as to be irresponsible or worthless, but I took a lot of the content with a grain of salt when I saw the film in the first place. Kopel pretty much divides the content of the film into fact or deception, whereas I took much of the film to be hyperbole or satire. Still, if you take the film seriously, you should understand where it portrays fact and where it portrays a one-sided point of view.
  • The US Presidential Election in 2000 was a flawed measurement. My own commentary asserting that the systematic error was greater than the uncertainty in the measurement.
  • I'm very concerned about the ability of the human race to survive. Think of September 11 as a wake-up call. In short, a small group of individuals will soon be able to do a lot more damage using freely available information plus commercial technologies left lying around. The technologies will be developed even if they are dangerous, because they are profitable. Corporations have incentives to ignore the danger.

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