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You may want to check out my Presidential Election Predictor. It's a modest effort, but useful if you want to see what the polling numbers imply for Electoral College Results.

I'm currently employed by ViaSat in Carlsbad, California, and I'm very happy in my current position. My résumé is for reference only. I'm not teaching this semester, but I hope to teach mathematics again part-time in the spring. You can find some of my resources for mathematics instruction if you follow the Educational Resources link on the left. I'm not really active in Sesame, Inc., right now, but we stay in close contact.

The social commentary section includes my thoughts on various issues confronting our society today. I invite you to comment on anything that I put there. I'm quite willing to post responses. With a little luck, we may get a debate going once in a while.


Please send responses to my email address is mathrec at this domain